What is best Makeupsbuy clip in hair extensions factory?How is the quality?

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Makeupsbuy factory will always be highly transparent to our customers,all high quality clip in hair extensions from our factory.We believe that high quality products can always catch more customers.So very happy to share these now.


Makeupsbuy clip in hair extensions are made by 100 percent remy human hair,Remy hair is the highest grade of human hair with the cuticles kept intact to prevent tangling and prolong the lifespan of your extensions. The hair is meticulously sorted to select only the finest strands of desired length and aligned in a unidirectional fashion. This process ensures that the hair remains ultra soft, shiny, silky, and tangle-free throughout its lifetime. 


Makeupsbuy mainly produce double drawn clip in hair extensions,all hair is same length.The hair material can bleach light blonde by yourself,but we suggest to dye color in your local hair salon.


About price,makeupsbuy clip in hair extensions  directly from our own factory to our customers,so avoid a lot of extra money-help our customers save money.So we focus more on improving our quality and unmatched service.A virtuous circle brings us more customers-That's what keeps us going!


Makeupsbuy factory located in qingdao city,shandong,china.Spacious workshop and advanced production equipment continuous output of high quality products.The manager of the production department works with the employees in the factory, and will check the quality every day. Strict control of high quality is our goal.Employees work eight hours a day and have weekends off.A reasonable schedule ensures that everyone has enough energy!


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