3pack magnetic lashes set-vivid

3pack magnetic lashes set-vivid

3pack magnetic lashes set-vivid

Product Code: 3pack magnetic lashes set-vivid
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Place of Origin: China                                                                    Brand Name: HuiHao
Model Number: TW06                                                                   Material: magnetic lashes set
Type: Hand Made                                                                           False Eyelashes Style: Natural vivid
Thickness: 0.10mm                                                                        Length: 15-20mm
Eyelash Color: Natural Black                                                         Payment: Paypal, T/T,Western union,
Feature: Thin and soft(not allergies)                                              Service: Private Label
Advantages: Factory Direct Sale,Can Be Customized                  Delivery time: 3 working days
MOQ: 5 pairs

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Customer questions & answers

Questions:   How many times can you reuse one set of eyelashes?

Answer:       I would say about 30 or more but you need to make sure you clean the magnets after each use. To clean the magnets, I soak a cotton swab then let it sit awhile on the magnet, then the magnetic eyeliner on the magnets can be wiped off of the magnets. It does take a bit of time to clean your magnet lashes.

Questions:  Can you apply other eyeliner before the magnetic eyeliner?

Answer:      I have used my regular eyeliner then put their eyeliner on top and it worked fine for me. I just made sure to put two coats.

Questions:  What are the ingredients in the liner...specifically does it contain fragrance? Please only respond if you have information.

Answer:      Yes it does have fragrance. What's a particular ingredients are I have no clue other than the iron ore that's in it in order for the magnet to stay.

Questions:  How long do magnetic eyelashes stay on?

Answers:     I have found that it stays on all day. I even cleaned the inside of my car and was perspiring quite a bit, the magnetic lashes stayed on.

Questions:  How long does the eyeliner take to dry?

Answers:     I always wait 5 min after 1st coat then add another and wait 5 minutes....you can tell if is still wet.

Questions:  What are these lashes made from?

Answers:    They are made out of synthetic Fiber.

Questions:  What's the best way to remove the lashes and the magnetic glue?

Answers:    You kinda grab the tip of the lash and pull it to the side, slowly removing it. As for magnetic glue, you either wash it and slightly scrubbing it or just remove it with wipes.

Questions:  Are these lashes heavy? I can't use regular falsies that have a thick band at the base as those bother my eyes. Are these similar?

Answers:    They aren't heavy but they do have a thick band at the bottom. They don't bother the eyes but they look like falsies.


Q1:Do you accept sample order?

A: yes,of course.you can choose models you like as samples to test.

Q2: Do you supply OEM custom eyelash packaging and how many days for making box?

A:Yes,sure.We can make custom packaging for you.You just need to send the logo and box style u want,and we will make the design,confirm,print and use for your lash orders.and box making needs about 1 week.

Q3:How many types of lashes you have ?

A: we have 3D mink lashes, 5D mink lashes, faux mink lashes,3D mink lashes, magnetic lashes and so on.

Q4: How many times can the eyelashes be used ?

A:clients feedback shows that it can be used 20-30 times in proper and gentle way.

Q6: How do you get the mink fur ?

A:It is collected when minks fall their hair every year,so it is 100% cruelty free.

Q7: Can you provide drop-shipping ?

A : Yes, sure , we can ship order to your clients directly.

Q8:Are you a trader or manufacturer?

A:We are factory and the price is lowest wholesale price.



How many times can you reuse one set of eyelashes?


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